A. V. Opanasenko

Moscow, Russia

V. N. Uchanin, A. V. Opanasenko Eddy-current Flaw Detector VD3-81 “EDDYCON” Application for Defect Detection in Oil and Gas Equipment Threaded Joints

Yu. A. Mikolaichuk, O. V. Kapshar, S. P. Khodyrev, A. V. Kalinin, A. V. Opanasenko, A. A. Elkes, M. V. Vasilchuk, A. A. Galitsky Use Experience of Flaw Detector VD3-81 “EDDYCON” for Eddy-Current Inspection of Aviation Engine Disks at Operations and Repair

V. N. Uchanin, A. V. Dzhaganyan, A. V. Opanasenko, A. V. Kalinin In-service Inspection of Aircraft Blocks Using Eddy Current Flaw Detector VD 3-81 (EDDYCON)

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