A. K. Gurvich

Leningrad/Petersburg State Transport University
Research Institute of Bridges and Non-Destructive Testing
St. Petersburg, Russia

A. K. Gurvich Scanning Methods in Ultrasonic Inspection

V. A. Gapanovich, A. Kh. Vopilkin, D. A. Kononov, D. S. Tikhonov, A. K. Gurvich, A. G. Kazantsev, Z. M. Slavinsky Automated Means of Hazardous Structures Diagnostics by Multi-angle Acoustic Holography Technique

A. K. Gurvich, L. I. Kuzmina, S. V. Nikolaev, A. K. Shevchenko Quasi-Stabilization of Beam Transmission Angle within a Wide Temperature Range

A. K. Gurvich, V. R. Satikov Swinging Beam Method of Scanning at Rail Electrocontact Weld Joints Testing

V. A. Gapanovich, A. Kh. Vopilkin, A. G. Kazantsev, A. K. Gurvich, D. A. Kononov Residual Life Evaluation of High Risk Industrial Structures

A. A. Akhmetova, A. Kh. Vopilkin, A. K. Gurvich Acoustic Characteristics of Metal in the Joint Zone of Rail Electric Contact Welding



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