V. A. Syasko

National Mineral Resources University
St. Petersburg, Russia


V. A. Syasko About MFL Technology Application for Ship Plating Corrosion Damages Detection

V. A. Syasko, A. E. Ivkin Measurements of Metal Coating Thickness by Magnetic Methods. Assurance of Results Reliability under Conditions of Machinery Production

V. A. Syasko, P. V. Solomenchuk, A. I. Vishnevskiy Aircraft-Engines. Eddy Current Testing of High Pressure Turbine Disc Hub

A. Bariska, N. Reinke, V. A. Syasko Active Lock-in Thermodynamic Method for Thickness Measurement of Dielectric Coatings

V. A. Syasko, A. A. Popov, S. V. Reuka Angle Beam Transducers with Characteristics, Stable in a Wide Range of Temperatures

K. V. Gogolinsky, V. A. Syasko Micro- and Nanometer Coatings and Modified Near-Surface Layers. Methods and Testing Devices of Mechanical Properties

V. A. Syasko, P. V. Solomenchuk, I. S. Pivovarov Electromagnetic Thickness Measurement of Protective Coatings on Metal Products

V. A. Syasko, G. V. Sinitsky, A. A. Popov Ultrasonic Inspection Reliability Increase with Angle Transducers within a Wide Temperature Range

V. A. Syasko, M. B. Roitgarts, M. Yu. Koroteev, P. V. Solomenchuk Quality Testing of Soldered Joints of Turbogenerator Stator Winding Cores at the

V. A. Syasko, P. V. Solomenchuk Eddy Current Testing Methods and Means for Joint Thread Inspection of Drilling Equipment

K. V. Gogolinsky, V. A. Syasko Metrological Assurance and Standardization in NDT during “Industry 4.0”

K. V. Gogolinsky, V. A. Syasko Dynamic Methods of Hardness Measurements. Metrological Assurance in the Russian Federation: Existing Problems and Ways of Solving Them



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