V. G. Badalyan

Co Ltd "Scientific Production Center of Nondestructive Ultrasonic Testing "ECHO+"
Moscow, Russia


V. G. Badalyan, A. Kh. Vopilkin Defects Potential Danger Estimation at Automatic Ultrasonic Inspection of High-Risk Facilities

V. G. Badalyan, A. Kh. Vopilkin, D. S. Tikhonov Selection Strategy of Automated Ultrasonic Testing Structure for a Specific Purpose

V. G. Badalyan, P. F. Samarin, D. S. Tikhonov The Automated Ultrasonic Inspection of Welded Joints of Nuclear Power Plant Equipment with AUGUR 5.2 Systems Usage

V. G. Badalyan, A. E. Bazulin, E. G. Bazulin, P. F. Samarin, D. S. Tikhonov Use of CIVA Simulation Software for Development and Validation of Ultrasonic Testing Techniques



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