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DOI: 10.12737/20024

2016. Vol.19. No. 2, pp. 73-75

Magnetic Particle Examination of Complex Shape Parts at the Repair Depot

A. V. Chuprin, P. A. Sharin, V. A. Chuprin, T. A. Sosnitskaya

The problems that arise at the Metro and OAO "RZhD" [Russian Railways] repair depots during magnetic particle examination of complex shape parts are considered in the paper. Applicable examination means do not always provide the optimal detail position in relation to the magnetizing device. Cracks whithin a detail of complex shape may be oriented in different directions, therefore the detail should be examined in several positions, which influences on the reliability and efficiency of the examination. Since at the repair depots the batches of details to be tested are usually small, automation of the examination process is unreasonable.
Therefore, the task was to create an installation for magnetic powder examination of parts both of simple and complex shape.
With this purpose the spectrum of Metro and OAO "RZhD" rolling stock parts, which are to be inspected with magnetic particle method, were analized. On the analysis base the magnetic particle installation MDS-09 was developed and produced. The installation enables complex shape details to be inspected both in the applied magnetic field and with the remanent magnetization method.
The installation MDS-09 can be applied to the magnetic particle examination at the repair depots of railway transport, metro and other areas.
Keywords: magnetic particle inspection, details of complex shape, crack, solenoid, magnetic suspension, pole magnetization, circular magnetization
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