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DOI: 10.12737/20015

2016. Vol.19. No. 2, pp. 15-17

Chemetall Products Applications at the Liquid Penetrant Testing Lines in Russia

I. V. Krivaljov, J. B. Leyfer, S. M. Sayfutdinov

Currently, the increased use of non-magnetic structural materials in aircraft and engine building has become obvious. Magnetic particle examination is getting actively replaced by liquid penetrant inspection.
Over recent decades several foreign companies, including aeronautical engineering manufacturers, have placed orders at the Russian companies well-known by high quality of their products. In addition the considerable part of Russian commercial aviation fleet consists of the aircrafts manufactured by foreign companies; their maintenance must be fulfilled in accordance with international standards. Thus it becomes necessary to use materials for non-destructive testing approved by international aviation authorities.
By the example of several Russian lines for liquid penetrant testing the article describes the technologies of Chemetall materials application. Some specific features of technological processes are given, for which not only Chemetall penetrant kits are used, but also Chemetall products for degreasing. The factors affecting the testing quality are analyzed in the paper and the way for adaptation of foreign penetrant kits for domestic usage is shown.
It is also emphasized that modern chemicals for penetrant testing allow application of novel testing technologies. Thus, the use of high-quality materials substantially increases the testing sensitivity; automation of process control enables the technological parameters to be guaranteed; new methods of water purification improve the quality of both the processes and the environment.
Keywords: liquid penetrant testing, degreasing, materials for flaw detection
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