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DOI: 10.12737/20016

2016. Vol.19. No. 2, pp. 21-24

Equipment for Magnetic Particle Examination: Upgrading and Replacement Possibilities

R. N. Kayumov, V. V. Borisenko

Russian companies still use magnetic particle examination flaw detectors manufactured more than half a century ago. Until recently, the equipment obsolescence problem was solved by its replacement with modern flaw detectors, preferably imported. There were many reasons for that, one of them were the fact that imported detectors corresponded to international standards and had appropriate certificates.
Now this way of solving the problem becomes not only uneconomical, but also difficult due to import substitution requirements; at times it is simply impossible because of the influence of external causes.
The authors give their opinion of modern market of magnetic particle examination flaw detectors and offer reasons for upgrading/replacement the obsolescent equipment.
The problem of portable detectors replacement has been solved by many companies; the modern portable flaw detectors manufactured in Russia are described in the article.
For stationary detectors the problem is much more complicated. Detailed study has shown that   some detectors are still inferior to the old ones. Often the obsolescence of the old flaw detectors is much greater than their physical depreciation, and therefore the idea of upgrading has a right to exist. Moreover, in some cases upgrading is more preferable. Arguments in favour of upgrading as well as the stages of upgrading implementation are presented. The specific program of upgrading actions developed by the authors is given. The program has been successfully applied at several Russian enterprises.
Keywords: magnetic particle examination, flaw detector, mechanical unit, power supply circuit, measuring systems
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