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DOI: 10.12737/20017

2016. Vol.19. No. 2, pp. 26-28

Demagnetization at Magnetic Particle Examination

N. D. Bogachyova

The article considers questions of demagnetization process at magnetic particle examination. It is reasonable to carry out demagnetization of the tested objects before and after the examination; the justification of this assertion is given in the paper. Various variants of demagnetization methods are analyzed; special attention is paid to peculiarities for demagnetization of large thick-walled objects and the problems to be solved in this direction. The author gives recommendations how to ensure stable demagnetized state of large objects against mechanical stress; the recommendations are based on experimental studies of specimens made of shipbuilding steels, and models of marine technical objects.
Keywords: magnetic particle examination, demagnetization, welded joints, pipes
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