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DOI: 10.12737/article_58dbcc039056c

2017. Vol.20. No. 1, pp. 16-19

Elaboration of Leeb hardness calibration machine

V. A. Syasko, K. V. Gogolinsky, A. A. Nikazov

The article deals with the development of Leeb hardness secondary calibration machine. The article describes the technical principles of the Leeb hardness measurement method and the current state of metrological assurance in the Russian Federation. The analysis of Leeb hardness calibration machines of Germany and Switzerland are conducted. The draft of metrological traceability (metrological chain) for disseminating of Leeb hardness scales is proposed.
In connection with the development of harmonized standard and the need for the implementation of the metrological traceability of Leeb hardness method, as well as the identifying and disseminating of hardness scales, methodological and technological solutions for the Leeb hardness secondary calibration machine are considered. Based on the analysis of required metrological characteristics of secondary calibration machine and hardness reference blocks, the construction of velocity measuring system with two inductors and system parameters calculation with required metrological characteristics are suggested. Test results of Leeb hardness secondary calibration machine layout for HLD scale confirmed its compliance with international standards and the draft of harmonized standard. The obtained results can be used to develop the Leeb hardness secondary calibration machine to equip the standardization and metrology centers of the Russian Federation and abroad.
Keywords: hardness, dynamic hardness, Leeb, hardness calibration machine.
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