Issue << content << New Technology of Eddy Current Testing of Critical Products

DOI: 10.12737/article_594cdb31e708f7.82066245

2017. Vol.20. No. 2, pp. 53–57

New Technology of Eddy Current Testing of Critical Products

D. M. Kranin, M. A. Kranin, S. I. Romanov

Description of a new technology of eddy current testing is provided that is free of the main disadvantage of the “traditional” eddy current testing when generation of eddy currents leads to skin-effect and, as result, makes it possible to reveal defects in electroconductive objects under test only on the surface and in a thin subsurface layer. With the technology suggested, no skin-effect is observed making it possible, in most cases, to reveal defects across the entire cross-section of the material of the object under test. Possible applications of the new technology are listed, test results confirming the possibilities of the method are described, a short version of the set for testing copper wire rod is presented, the set being used in-situ conditions on the copper wire rod rolling mill.

Keywords: Eddy current testing, skin-effect, constant magnetic field inductor, total size testing, copper wire rod, carbon fiber reinforced plastic,functionality, technical implementation


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