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DOI: 10.12737/article_5954f256dff4b3.76882443

2017. Vol.20. No. 2, pp. 58-61

Health Issues of the NDT Inspector Involved in Liquid-Penetrant Testing

A. S. Romanovskiy

This analysis has been made to evaluate health hazard to the NDT inspector by substances used in liquid-penetrant testing, and to estimate the adequacy of recommended guidelines with regard to penetrant testing protective equipment, under various conditions.
Estimation of liquid-penetrant testing conditions makes it possible to confirm that guideline requirements with regard to liquid-penetrant inspection do not take account of many factors of the practical testing:
  • the way of application of materials to the surface under test;
  • performance of work without ventilation;
  • possible ingress of substances used on to the NDT inspector’s face, under certain conditions of testing;
  • composition of substances used and its negative effect on NDT inspector’s health;
  • mechanism of penetration of substances used into the inspector’s body.
Comparative analysis of normative and technical documentation regulating liquid-penetrant testing and scientific-methods medico-chemical literature, makes it possible to reveal the non-availability of the profound industry coordination in occupational safety of the NDT inspector involved in liquid-penetrant testing. The article concludes with the argumentative statement of the issue on making a summary of all available data in the liquid-penetrant testing uniform code.

Key words: liquid-penetrant testing, PT set, spray, NDT inspector health, application to the surface, respiratory system


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