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DOI: 10.12737/article_599d831d51ecf3.31879009

2017. Vol.20. No. 3, pp. 19-22

Automatic Health Monitoring of the Equipment of the Production and Transport Complex

V. N. Kostyukov, Al. V. Kostyukov, E.V. Tarasov, D. V. Kazarin

Equipment reliability is of high importance for companies of the processing and transport industries aimed at increasing their output and reducing unproductive downtime. Decrease in the equipment reliability is associated with progressive wear and negative impact of personnel who blindly, without knowing the real condition, control various production processes. This causes accidents, downtime, high repair costs, and significant loss of profit. The absence of critical progressive defects in equipment and conditions that accelerate their development or increase in the level of danger is called the equipment health. To make the health observed and predictable, the automatic defect and operation risk monitoring, so called health monitoring, is used.
The purpose in view — improving the safety and efficiency of companies in the processing and transport industries by health monitoring of their equipment — is still a relevant problem to be addressed.
Technically the purpose is achieved by simultaneous monitoring of all equipment that makes up a processing complex using the COMPACS® machine monitoring systems. The monitoring result is a set of diagnoses made for all pieces of equipment at adjacent time intervals, when the health had not significantly changed. The diagnosis is formed based on the algorithms of the expert system, which provide an automatic detection of the type and danger level of equipment malfunctions, as well as the factors that cause destructive loads on it and accelerate the development of malfunctions. The expert system conclusions clearly indicate to the personnel the actions to be taken to eliminate the malfunction, and to overcome the disturbing factors.
The single platform COMPACS® systems monitor health of various equipment during its life milestones. Within one plant all systems can be combined into a single automated control system providing safe resource-saving operation.
The paper has solved the following issues:
– the authors have developed the methodical backgrounds, and created hardware and software that ensure automatic monitoring of the plant health through the health of its equipment;
– a large number of health monitoring tools have been implemented and tested;
– the authors have created the technology of equipment operation according to its maximum running time with a minimum operational risk.
Keywords: diagnostics, malfunction, rolling stock, safety, reliability, technology, expert system.


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