O. V. Muravjeva

Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University
Izhevsk, Russia


V. V. Muravjev, O. V. Muravjeva AE Method Sensitivity to the Progressive Cracks in Solebars of Freight-Car Trucks

O. V. Muravjeva, V. V. Muravjev, V. A. Strizhak, E. N. Kokorina, M. A. Loyferman Spring Manufacturing. Real Sensitivity of Bar Workpiece Incoming Acoustic Inspection

V. V. Muravjev, O. V. Muravjeva, V. A. Britvin, A. M. Kashin, I. N. Utkin Determining the Degree of Anisotropy of Thin-Sheet Rolled Steel Using Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers and Lamb Waves

V. V. Muravjev, O. V. Muravjeva, L. V. Volkova, O. P. Bogdan, A. V. Platunov, T. N. Bajkalova Test Quality Analysis during Specialist Certification on Acoustic Emission Nondestructive Testing of Railway Objects

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