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DOI: 10.12737/article_5aaf998e73ab65.78306131

2018. Vol.21. No. 1, pp. 52-55

35 years experience of innovations of radiation technologies at the plant PODOLSKKABEL

N. I. Gromov, M. N. Gromov, A. I. Roykh, M. N. Stepanov, N. K. Kuksanov, R. A. Salimov

The electron-beam technologies are extensively used for radiation cross-linking of polymer compositions of the cable insulation. The use of these technologies enabled to develop the manufacture of a wide range wires, cables and heat-shrinking goods, films, bands and so one. All of them are of high security and reliability during operation as under standard and extreme operating conditions.
The most perfect instruments for radiation treatment of polymers are powerful industrial electron accelerators. Optimizing the method of electron beam irradiation of products it is possible to sufficiently improve the irradiation quality and the efficiency of a beam. The quality of beam irradiation depends both accelerator and underbeam, pay off, take up and other technology equipment. JSC “Podolskkabel” is one of the first in Russia started e-beam treatment in industrial scale.  The work is an example of cooperation between industrial enterprise and research institutes. Such cooperation was mutually beneficial. The Institute offers and is developing new technological developments and their implementation through the plant improves product quality and increases productivity. Together with BINP (manufacturer of accelerator) there were developed the 4-side irradiation system, underbeam transportation system and automated complex of technological equipment. ELV accelerators can be easily integrated in technological processing due to excellent control system based on computer. As a results the high quality of modified cables and wires is proved by customer during long time operation, especially for nuclear power and a bore hole cable in a oil industry.
Keywords: accelerator, radiation technologies, electron beam, cable insulation, monitoring
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