S. L. Molotkov

Radioavionica Corporation
St. Petersburg, Russia


S. L. Molotkov, A. V. Topunov About Scanning of Railway Car Wheel Pairs at Eddy Current Inspection

E. А. Maksimova, A. A. Markov, S. L. Molotkov, M. V. Karelin Responding to the Challenges of Time: Distance Learning in the Field of Non-Destructive Rail Testing

S. L. Molotkov, Y. A. Markov, S. A. Pohorukov Complex Tram Rail Diagnostics: First in Russia

S. L. Molotkov, A. V. Kurkov, S. O. Prohorov Innovations from Scientific and Industrial Group “Altek”: for Convenience and Reliability of Ultrasonic Inspection

A. B. Zhmylev, V. Yu. Kazakov, S. L. Molotkov, Yu. N. Safonov, A. I. Smirnov, S. G. Subbota, A. V. Topunov Automated Inspection of Railroad Car Wheels: Technical Capabilities of the “Peleng-Automat” Complex and Experience in Its Operation

A. A. Markov, S. L. Molotkov, M. O. Mironov Professional Development as a Component of System Approach to Rails Quality Testing Improvement

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NDT of Composites


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