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DOI: 10.12737/article_5b2795d3cffee9.55215686

2018. Vol.21. No. 2, pp. 14–16

What it is Possible to Wait from Magnetic Testing in the Future for?

V. L. Vengrinovich

The authors opinion on the future of the magnetic method of non-destructive industrial testing is given. Miniaturization of sensors, development of the mesoscale range and new approaches to mathematical processing of stochastic signals of magnetic sensors are basic steps towards the future. This will allow us to move from the indication of stresses to their measurement. It is necessary to solve the problem of stress calibration and to fulfill several conditions of the fundamental theory of elasticity. Practically the scientific component of these issues within the framework of the magnetic method has already been solved. It is necessary to develop nonlinear fracture mechanics and learn to control the structure with the cracks formed.
Keywords: magnetic unspection; magnetic магнитная flaw-detection, structurescope, mesomechanics, Barkhausen noise, stress standard.
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