Issue << content << Non-Destructive Testing and Challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

DOI: 10.12737/article_5b8ce46defda89.30266414

2018. Vol.21. No. 3, pp. 5–8

Non-Destructive Testing and Challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

P. Thayer

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is happening all around us, whether it is the emergence of self-driving vehicles, autonomous ‘healthcare’ robots, or the transformation of industrial activities and infrastructure. Non-destructive Evaluation and permanent structural monitoring will both be impacted by 4IR, and also be enablers for the transition to 4IR. The UK Research Centre in NDE (RCNDE) is established as a leading academic-industrial collaboration for undertaking industrially relevant research in the field of NDE and structural health monitoring. The industrial members of RCNDE produced their first 5, 10, and 20-year vision for NDE in 2011. This article describes the industrial members’ newly updated vision for NDE, which still includes many of the original priorities relating to future NDE requirements for existing assets and infrastructure. However, this updated industrial vision for NDE also identifies how NDE and monitoring technologies will need to adapt for 4IR, and the contributions NDE and structural monitoring will make toward realising this future industrial paradigm.
Keywords: Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), non-destructive evaluation, structural health monitoring.


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