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DOI: 10.12737/article_5c37129dd23b57.39587637

2018. Vol.21. No. 4, pp. 76-80

Efficiency of Rail Magnetic Testing

A. A. Markov, E. А. Maksimova, M. V. Karelin

More than 660 fragments of flaw signal patterns of ultrasonic, magnetic and visual nondestructive inspections are analyzed to evaluate the effectiveness of the magnetic (MFL) method and to determine the maximum depth of occurrence of detectable defects in practical rail monitoring conditions. It is established that, according to theoretical assumptions, as well as by the results of operation, the MFL monitoring with a magnetization system with electromagnets on the axes of wheel sets in searching for defects in the rail head is not inferior, and sometimes exceeds a number of ultrasonic channels, revealing defects lying at depths up to 20 mm. In many cases, the magnetic method makes it possible to fix a potential defect in the head of rails at an earlier stage of development than ultrasonic methods.
Keywords: rail defects detection, ultrasonic flaw detector, magnetic flux leakage (MFL), mirror through-transmission method


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