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DOI: 10.12737/article_5c3709d4e4a775.62549968

2018. Vol.21. No. 4, pp. 50-53

Residual Stresses Testing in Weld Proximity

V. A. Bychenok, I. V. Berkutov, A. L. Mayorov, A. V. Il’in, V. V. Kireenko, V. E. Prohorovich, M. A. Chekmareva

An acoustic method is presented for measuring the value, sign and direction of mechanical stresses using the generation of two mutually polarized transverse and one longitudinal ultrasonic waves. Experimental studies were conducted on samples of welded structures with measurement of mechanical stresses after beveling; after flush welding of the specimens; after welding for the full dimension of the weld joint; after heat treatment. To check the adequacy of the obtained results, a set of works was performed on measuring residual mechanical stresses by drilling a blind hole, which qualitatively confirmed the results of ultrasonic measurements: the error of mechanical stress measurements was no more than ± 80 MPa.
Keywords: mechanical stresses, residual stresses, non-destructive testing, acoustic methods, stress measurement


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