Issue << content << Leakage Analysis of Pneumatic Cylinders Using Acoustic Emission

DOI: 10.12737/article_5c370cf717e515.59071196

2018. Vol.21. No. 4, pp. 64-67

Leakage Analysis of Pneumatic Cylinders Using Acoustic Emission

H. Mahmoud, P. Mazal, F. Vlašic

The study focuses on the relationship between root mean square of effective signal value (RMS) and defects in the cylinders. Undamaged and damaged cylinders were compared to find distinctive differences that determine whether the cylinder is damaged or undamaged. The RMS was normalized, and the time delay of the strokes was calculated. The differences were identified by comparing the max RMS from sensor A and the max RMS from sensor B for one cycle in the retreat stroke. The damaged and undamaged cylinders were distinguished using the difference in energy values present in the signals of the two sensors in the retreat stroke. And the final evaluation of the cylinder was determined by the calculation of the total value of RMS. The cylinders in our experiment were loaded gradually by different weights in a vertical direction. The signals of the acoustic emission were recorded from the progress and retreat strokes and then analyzed. The time delay is calculated between the digital input and the initiation of movement, and the time of the stroke. The energy and RMS were calculated for each cylinder with gradual loading. The results of the test showed a linear relationship between the RMS curve and loading.
Keywords: acoustic emission, pneumatic cylinders, defects, leakage, root mean square of effective signal


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