Issue << content << Metrological Assurance and Standardization in NDT during “Industry 4.0”

DOI: 10.12737/article_5ca3331e511195.59886573

2019. Vol.22. No. 1, pp. 66-68

Metrological Assurance and Standardization in NDT during “Industry 4.0”

K. V. Gogolinsky, V. A. Syasko

The modern development of NDT tools and methods is inextricably linked with the trends and challenges of the current 4th industrial revolution. It is based on the principles of digital processing — the transition to digital methods of collecting, transmitting and processing all the data obtained, as well as automation of processes in all industries, including design, development and manufacturing of products. In this regard, the role of NDT at all stages of the life cycle increases significantly. The main trend in the development of methods and means of NDT as measuring technologies, the authors consider the active transition at all levels of design, production and operation from non-destructive testing to monitoring the state of products, engineering objects, technological processes and ecological systems. In the field of metrology, the main focus is the development of metrological support of measuring transducers and non-destructive testing devices as a means of measuring multiparameter and multidimensional quantities. One of the most actively developing areas of application of NDТ methods are additive technologies.
Keywords: metrology, standardization, nondestructive testing, condition monitoring, digital processing


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