Issue << content << NDT 4.0 — Significance and Implications to NDT: Automated Magnetic Particle Testing as an Example

DOI: 10.12737/article_5ca32c4a796141.37575932

2019. Vol.22. No. 1, pp. 55-58

NDT 4.0 — Significance and Implications to NDT: Automated Magnetic Particle Testing as an Example

N. Riess, R. Link

Industry 4.0 is assumed to become the fourth industrial revolution after the first which is based on mechanical manufacturing driven by water and steam power, the second which comprises mass production with electrical energy and the third revolution is determined by digital systems and robotics. The aim of the project Industry 4.0 is to support plant manufacturing of the future in Germany to make the production faster, more efficient and highly flexible.
It comprehends complete networking within industrial processes, from raw materials to the finished product, including design with consideration to NDT / NDE, inspection, production, central quality control and structural health monitoring. Some aspects of the integration of the inspection results and quality control and online information to the production department are not really new for NDT.
NDT 4.0 will be included in all aspects within the industrial process and requires comprehensive information on the automation of NDT test procedures to be applied and at the same time provide information to all interested parties. Intelligent sensors are guiding the component through the production process. Relevant information has to be provided online to the quality and back to the production department and as well to the customer. This obviously will require additional demands to the performance of NDT systems. Structural health monitoring of the finished components or integrated into the complete system during operation is offering additional perspectives and surveillance.
The requirements for completely automated system for magnetic particle inspection of tubes and railway wheels or axles are described as an example.
Keywords: magnetic particle testing, Industry 4.0, tube inspection, railway wheel inspection


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