Issue << content << Risk-Based Inspection for Bellows-Type Compensator Manufacture and Testing

DOI: 10.12737/article_5d11f3ca83e2f5.88288204

2019. Vol.22. No. 2, pp. 14–17

Risk-Based Inspection for Bellows-Type Compensator Manufacture and Testing

A. S. Romanovskiy

The practical task of bellows-type compensators trials with the use of probabilistic calculations reduces the understanding of the theory of probability to the objects of probable events and the relations between them, with their reduction to quantitative indicators. Simulation of trials using graphs clearly demonstrates the distribution of defective products in statistical experience, including hidden deviations from specified characteristics that are not detectable or difficult to detect using experienced statistics.
For the timely recognition of possible failures in the operation of the bellows equipment, regulatory documentation recommended only a continuous amount of acceptance tests. The use of a simplified inspection system by the method of independent random sampling from the party, with further extension of the results to all products is not allowed. Simplified inspection potentially reduces the reliability of the bellows compensator.
The simulation of testing processes allows, based on the calculated data, to optimize the sequence and order of testing with preservation of the required product quality and the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation.
Keywords: bellows-type compensator, sandwich-type, probability of no failure, thermal stability, interlayer sealing capacity, trial


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