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DOI: 10.12737/article_5d5fcf0c6c92d2.74743996

2019. Vol.22. No. 3, pp. 18-24

Condition Monitoring of Stepping Excavators during Operation

D. Yu. Kritsky, V. V. Bardakov, V. A. Syasko

The article describes the research into the feasibility of monitoring operation of load-bearing metal structures of dragline excavators (in terms of walking dragline excavator ESH-20/90) based on the acoustic emission method. Efficiency of equipping high-performance excavators with monitoring system for early detection of eventual failure points in metal structures and for prevention of accidents by that is substantiated. It is proposed to carry out monitoring using the nondestructive testing method of acoustic emission, well-reputed in other branches of industry and having a high potential in the dynamic equipment control. During the research, the on-stream diagnosis of ESH-20/90 dragline excavator was carried out using the method of acoustic emission. From the research data obtained in the active excavator, the main sources of acoustic noise affecting the monitoring accuracy were identified. The frequency band for the recording of acoustic emission at the optimal signal/noise ratio was selected. The most defect-prone elements of load-bearing metal structures of the excavator were identified. The failure location capability was proved for the elements operated in the conditions of increased noise and high dynamic loading.
Keywords: mining machines, technical state, dragline excavators, diagnosis, nondestructive testing, acoustic emission


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