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DOI: 10.12737/article_5d5fd14cb04e89.60292443

2019. Vol.22. No. 3, pp. 36-40

Modern Equipment for Ultrasonic Inspection of Welded Joints

I. M. Efimov

The optimal solution for ultrasonic testing of oil and gas facilities consists in the use of mechanized and automated inspection systems. Modern circuit technology allows implementing flaw detectors wide functionality for working with phased arrays transducers. This allows you to use any classical techniques and get the results in a visual for the operator. Modern AUZK systems equipped with standard, FR and TOFD converters allow determining conditional parameters of defects of welded joints up to 420 mm thick with wall thickness up to 40 mm. With an inspection speed of up to 3 m / min and tracking of the acoustic contact, the optical encoder records results in increments of 0.5 mm or more. This allows you to build a C-scan with high resolution and accurate determination of the coordinates of defects. To inspect the base metal, a USD-60-8K-A scanner-flaw detector was developed, which allows simultaneous sounding of the cross section of the longitudinal weld and the base metal of the pipe.
Keywords: ultrasonic testing, welded joints, phased arrays, visualization of C-scans, automated inspection


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