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DOI: 10.12737/article_5d5fd1e3c69de3.95384998

2019. Vol.22. No. 3, pp. 42-45

Ultrasound History: Looking into Silence to Hear the Invisible

M. Ya. Grudsky

The history of ultrasonics is part of the history of acoustics. The review reflects the main stages of the development of acoustics from ancient times from the discovery by Pythagoras of the relationship between the height of the tone and the length of the stretched string through the formation in the second half of the 19th century of the theoretical foundations of modern acoustics by Helmholtz and Lord Rayleigh to the invention in 1928 of the ultrasonic flaw detector by Sergey Sokolov. Special attention is paid to the experiments of L. Spallanzani, who 200 years ago concluded that in bats, the organ of hearing appears to supply that of sight.
Keywords: historic review. acoustics, ultrasonics. experiments. theory, ultrasonic flaw detector
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