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DOI: 10.12737/article_5dcc0e703024d8.45833407

2019. Vol.22. No. 4, pp. 46-53

Nondestructive Testing of Composites

R. H. Bossi, G. E. Georgeson

Composite materials are widely used in a number of industrial sectors from aviation, space, to boat building, automotive, and sports goods. In recent years composite structures have seen a substantial increase of their use in the new generation of airplanes. The nondestructive testing and inspection of composite structures, both for manufacturing quality assurance and for in-service damage detection, has prompted the development and adaptation of a number of methods and techniques over the years. In this paper we review the various NDT methods for inspecting composites including water- and air-coupled ultrasound, bond testing, manual and automated tap testing, radiography, thermography, and shearography with emphasis given to techniques that demonstrated benefits to the practice of composite inspection.
Keywords: composite materials, discontinuities, ultrasonic testing, bond testing, radiograph, thermography, shearography.


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