Issue << content << Digital Technologies in Radiation Inspection of Aircraft Equipment Products

DOI: 10.12737/1609-3178-2020-68-72

2020. Vol.23. No. 1, pp. 72-76

Digital Technologies in Radiation Inspection of Aircraft Equipment Products

D. P. Eliseev, T. G. Leonova, S. N. Fedorovich, A. Yu. Filippov, A. G. Scherbak

The possibility of using X-ray methods for non-destructive testing of beryllium parts and assemblies has been confirmed. The beryllium shell weld test shows the effectiveness of detecting characteristic weld defects. Technical solutions for improvement of welding process have been developed. Reliability of obtained results is confirmed by calculation of stressed state of welded parts by method of finite-element analysis in program environment Ansys WB 15.0. The studies made it possible to minimize technological waste of parts during diffusion welding operations. The principal possibility of evaluating the change in the inner cavity geometry of the spherical beryllium shell during welding is shown using radiography methods. Disclosed are ways of improving accuracy of evaluating geometric parameters of a node.
Keywords: beryllium, radiography, weld defects, finite element method, net force, welding tooling, geometry evaluation.
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