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DOI: 10.12737/1609-3178-2020-4-7

2020. Vol.23. No. 2, pp. 4-7

Automation of Nondestructive Testing of Composite Materials

V. V. Borisenko

Composite materials appear to be an ideal solution to a complex problem with conflicting conditions: how to simultaneously obtain sufficient strength, reliability and durability of the structure, while providing the minimum possible mass of it. However, non-destructive testing of products from them raises more and more questions. In the mass production of composite pipes for pipelines, the only possible option from the point of view of ensuring the necessary reliability, information capacity of the results of the performed inspection of products and productivity is the automation of the inspection process, which includes special methods for identifying defects. Statistical methods, including  capability ratio and Shewhart control charts, should be used to estimate the error in determining the size of defects.
Keywords: composite materials, inspection technology, defects, processing of measurement results.


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