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DOI: 10.12737/1609-3178-2020-31-33

2020. Vol.23. No. 2, pp. 31-33

New Features of Correlation Leak Detector

V. G. Shikunenko, E. Samoilov

For organizations responsible for the uninterrupted operation of oil pipelines, hot and cold water pipelines, the urgent task is to detect leaks in advance, especially accidentally dangerous ones. If the inner diameter of the pipes does not allow the use of in-line diagnostics, methods are used to identify and localize leaks. Vibroacoustic sensors are installed at the ends of the examined area. Sensors detect pipe vibrations containing components from leaks. To extract information, a regular signal from a leak is extracted against a background of “white” noise using various filters. An analysis of the received signals makes it possible to identify leaks and assess the condition of the pipeline in the vicinity of leaks, i.e. detect accidentally dangerous defects. If you have specialized software, you can localize the leak and identify defects in the vicinity of the leak. The use of an additional inspection mode allows you to identify the technical condition of the pipeline in the vicinity of the leak and, if necessary, expand the boundaries of the repair, thereby eliminating repeated drilling in one place due to repeated damage.
Keywords: vibroacoustics, pipeline diagnostics, abnormally dangerous defects, leaking.


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