A. A. Markov

Radioavionica Corporation
St. Petersburg, Russia


V. V. Mosyagin, A. A. Markov Evaluation of the defect real size in products with bilateral access

A. A. Markov Use of “Lost” Information for Improvement of Signal Processing Systems in Rail Ultrasonic Flaw Detection

A. G. Antipov, A. A. Markov Automation of Signal Analysis at Magnetic Flux Leakage Rail Inspection

A. A. Markov, A. G. Antipov Magnetodynamic Method for Rails Inspection

A. A. Markov, V. V. Mosyagin Problems of Defect Detection in Rails with Considerable Wear

A. A. Markov, P. G. Politay, S. P. Makhovikov, D. V. Alekseev, E. A. Kuznetsova The Complex Analysis of Rail Track Condition with New AVIKON-03M Flaw Detector Car

A. A. Markov, E. А. Maksimova, M. V. Karelin Efficiency of Rail Magnetic Testing

V. V. Mosyagin, A. A. Markov, S. A. Pohorukov Detection and Estimation of Transversal Cracks under Railhead Subsurface Exfoliations

A. A. Markov, A. G. Antipov Application of Correlation Analysis for Weld Joint Inspection by Magnetic Flux Leakage Method

A. A. Markov, A. B. Kozyakov First Experience of Mechanized Rail Welded Joints Testing En-Route

A. A. Markov, S. L. Molotkov, M. O. Mironov Professional Development as a Component of System Approach to Rails Quality Testing Improvement

A. A. Markov Methodology of Automated Ultrasonic Inspection of Rails Welded Joints

A. A. Markov, V. V. Mosyagin, M. N. Shilov, D. V. Fedorenko AVICON-11 – New Flaw-Detector for One Hundred Percent Inspection of Rails



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