G. Ya. Dymkin

Research Institute of Bridges and Non-Destructive Testing
St. Petersburg, Russia

G. Ya. Dymkin, V. N. Konshina, G.-R. Jaenish Operational characteristic of detection as a method for assessing the reliability of non-destructive testing

G. Ya. Dymkin, V. P. Lohov Influence of Products’ Surface Roughness on Results of Ultrasonic Inspection with the Use of Piezoelectric Transducers

G. Ya. Dymkin NDT Personnel Certification in Railway Industry

G. Ya. Dymkin, D. V. Kosobokov, I. Z. Etingen, A. A. Shelukhin Automated Ultrasonic Inspection of Rails during Production

G. Ya. Dymkin, S. A. Krasnobryzhy, D. V. Kosobokov, A. V. Shevelev, A. A. Shelukhin Automated Acceptance Ultrasonic Testing of Wheelbands at the Nizhny Tagil Iron and Steel Plant

G. Ya. Dymkin, S. R. Tsomuk New Regulatory Documents on Freight Cars Nondestructive Testing at Repair



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St. Petersburg
007 812 670 7609

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