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DOI: 10.12737/1609-3178-2021-5-11

2021. Vol.24. No. 1, pp. 5-11

Monitoring of the Main Reactor Joint by Automated System

V. P. Povarov, O. V. Kucherenko, A. M. Kiselev, K. V. Vinokurov, A. V. Mikhaltsov, I. A. Shevtsov

Traditionally, on reactors of the VVER type, a manual measuring tool is used to inspect the sealing surfaces of the main joint. To automate testing, a PGR-59 system was developed, which was successfully applied to three new power units of type VVER-1200.
The purpose of the application is to measure the geometric characteristics of the main joint and determine the filling factor of the sealing grooves with nickel wire. Measurement is performed by laser scanning. Additionally, the article has a television camera for searching for defects with the possibility of measuring their dimensions.
The result of the work was the obtaining of actual profiles of seating surfaces of the main joint of the reactor. The use of the PGR-59 system allows you to monitor the change in the profile of the seating surfaces, which constantly changes due to mechanical impact on the seating surfaces, predict its condition and plan the necessary repairs in advance. Based on the measurement results, new data were found on the nature of the main connector seal.
The information obtained during the actual measurements made it possible to improve the operational and ergonomic characteristics of the system.
Keywords: profile meter, reactor tank, laser scanner, nuclear power plant, reactor main, seating surface


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