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DOI: 10.12737/1609-3178-2021-64-68

2021. Vol.24. No. 1, pp. 64-68

Chemical Photographic Treatment of Radiographic Films

A. V. Makarov

The article discusses the features of automatic treatment of radiographic films, technological and psychological problems in the transition from manual processing to the use of machines for photographic processing. The chemical features of the development process in photomachines are discussed, typical errors and methods of their elimination are listed, the idea is expressed that it is necessary to control all components of the photomachine processing process. It was concluded that the main problems arising from machining are associated with a human factor: the photomachine exhibits films qualitatively and stably only with a corresponding production culture. The need for the early translation of ISO 11699-2 and the creation of its Russian counterpart was emphasized.
Keywords: X-ray inspection, X-ray films, treatment, fixative solvent, automatic film processing.


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