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2015. . No. 2(68) - Jun 2015, pp. 36-39

Diagnostics of Tunnel Reinforced Concrete Walls by Means of the Ultrasonic Tomography Scanner

A. De la Haza, A. A. Samokrutov, V. G. Shevaldykin

Introduction. The article describes the real fact of technical inspection of reinforced concrete walls of tunnel on the basis of the ultrasonic inspection with a device, which visualizes the internal structure of concrete. Diagnosis of the tunnel was required due to its upcoming reconstruction for determination of scope and list of refurbishment.
Method. The purpose of the article was to show the conditions, methods and results of ultrasonic non-destructive testing of walls with pulse echo ultrasonic tomograph comprising an antenna array with share waves and dry point contact technology. There were outlined the configuration of tomograph, which operates on the basis of the Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique, types of constructed images, method of their analysis and interpretation of an obtained data.
Results. Concrete structures are inspected with this device either on a sampling basis, receiving B-tomograms in any spot required by operator, or by continuous monitoring of a vast area, scanning pre-embossed surface of the object. Data set, which was collected during scanning, can be represented on a built-in screen or on an external PC.
Conclusion. Inspection of a tunnel showed that one of its walls has a plurality of cavities in concrete for over 6 meters in the area of reinforcement location near the tunnel floor. The results of inspection allow determining a repair procedures and the necessary amount of concrete grout.
Keywords: ultrasonic testing, dry point contact (DPC) transducer, shear wave, tomography, reinforced concrete
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