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2015. . No. 2(68) - Jun 2015, pp. 42-44

Diagnostics of the Feed Water Pipe Foundation

A. B. Kozlov, A. E. Shadrichev

Accident-free operation of turbo-units and auxiliary equipment at thermal power plants is ensured by their reliable foundations that take up static and dynamic load. Equipment, including feed pumps, is paid inadequate attention.
It was necessary to estimate with NDT methods the influence of pump bearing support vibration on the vibration state of the feed water pipeline. The pump has been in operation for more than 25 years.
Inspection of the foundation and its bearing supports was carried out with the serial vibration meter Kvarts. The measured maximal vibration values have corresponded to the normal operation of the equipment. At the operating power plant the vertical oscillations spectrums at the two points were obtained – at the place of pipeline suspension to the service area and at the tail bearing of the pump. Analysis of the obtained spectrums has shown weak correlation between them. At the running-out mode at the same points the synchronous recordings of transversal oscillations were fulfilled; the influence of bearing vibration on a pipeline vibration state has not been discovered.
As it is shown by the example, simultaneous vibration-based diagnostics of the equipment (specifically the feed water pump), the foundation and the pipeline has made it possible to determine the level of vibration dependence between the feed water pipeline and the vibration mode of the feed pump as well as to obtain the data necessary for their dynamic strength estimation.
Keywords: thermal power plants, turbo-unit, auxiliary equipment, foundation, reinforced concrete elements, bearing supports, feed water pipeline, inspection, running-out mode, oscillations
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