Issue << content << Nondestructive Testing at “Northern Machine-Building Enterprise” (“Sevmash”)

DOI: 10.12737/12567

2015. Vol.18. No. 3, pp. 17-20

Nondestructive Testing at “Northern Machine-Building Enterprise” (“Sevmash”)

A. I. Vlasov, V. V. Kireenko

“Sevmash” is one of the biggest Russian shipbuilding enterprises. Its capacity enables high-tech and knowledge-intensive projects to be fulfilled, such as manufacturing of spent nuclear fuel containers, building of modern nuclear-powered submarines (NPS) and marine engineering structures. The enterprise has mastered manufacturing of offshore platforms for oil and gas field development in the Arctic. Now “Sevmash” continues construction of nuclear strategic and multi-purpose submarines of the fourth generation “Borey” and “Yasen”.
The article deals with the formation and development of non-destructive testing services from its beginning to the present day. Since 1950s, the radiography of hull structures welded seams and pipelines joints was the main testing method. In 1970s construction of new generation nuclear submarines began; it was necessary to create gamma flaw detectors of new design and they were created within 15 years. Besides in 1970s the active period began for development of ultrasonic testing instruments. In 1970s–1990s, concurrently with radiographic and ultrasonic techniques, testing of welds during the welding process with an acoustic emission method was carried out.
In 1990s magnetic particle inspection of welded joints, radiation monitoring, leakage testing with the use of helium leak detectors and vacuum chambers had been extensively developed. The bubble vacuum method of welded connections testing was widely used in the process of repair and re-equipment of surface crafts.
Today “Sevmash” actively re-equips its production facilities. It gives “Sevmash” the opportunity to built ships that meet the highest demands.
Keywords: nuclear submarine, “Sevmash”, nondestructive testing, laboratory, technology
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