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2014. . No. 2(64) - Jun 2014, pp. 66-72

Experience of High-Energy Computed Tomography of Modern Vacuum Devices

I. A. Vainberg, E. I. Vainberg, S. G. Tsyganov, V. B. Sidorin

Since occurrence of Edison’s bulb and Crookes’ "cathode-ray" tube 130 years ago, the vacuum devices retain up still a prominent place in the various fields of civil and defense technique.
Vacuum devices have a complex structure of various materials (metals, glass, and ceramics). Their technology includes a lot of operations, disturbance each of which can lead to failure of the final product.
Non-destructive quality testing of initial materials and structure members, accuracy assemblage, and relative positioning of components, as well as flaw detection of many welded and soldered joints will help to ensure a high reliability of vacuum devices, improve their technology and reduce production costs.
This article presents the results of non-destructive high-energy tomographic testing major types of modern vacuum devices. They convincingly demonstrate that computed tomography can be an important tool for monitoring the level of technology and quality of manufacture of devices and can also be used to compare similar products from different manufacturers, including foreign ones.
Keywords: non-destructive testing, computed tomography, high-energy radiation, vacuum devices
1. Vainberg I. A., Vainberg E. I., Tsyganov S. G.,Sidorin V. B. Dvigatel [Engine]. 2012, no. 4, pp.20–26 (in Russ.).
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