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DOI: 10.12737/18061

2016. Vol.19. No. 1, pp. 69-71

About the Lifetime of Coating Thickness Standards (Zinc on Steel)

L. S. Babadzhanov, M. L. Babadzhanova, T. A. Koriushkina

Introduction. Coating thickness standards are necessary for verifying the accuracy and operation of coating thickness gauges and are an important component in fulfilling quality control requirements. That is why great attention is paid to the standards’ metrological parameters during their usage. The lifetime of the zinc on steel standards was the subject of this study.
Method. For estimating the lifetime of the standard the concept of “average life” was used, which was a standard’s metrological reliability indicator and was determined by the number of measurements when standard’s error did not exceed the maximum permissible error. Metrological parameters of a set of zinc on steel standards were measured at a year intervals during 5 years. Each standard had its unique number and a certain coating thickness.
Results. The results of coating thickness measurements are given in the article as well as mean square deviations and other parameters. Analysis of the results has shown that changes of thickness value are random and are within the permissible error interval.
Conclusion. Application of zinc coating for coating thickness standards (zinc on steel) assures the standards’acceptable average life provided the requirements for the operating conditions are met.
Keywords: coating thickness standard, thickness gauge, thickness, verification
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