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DOI: 10.12737/18046

2016. Vol.19. No. 1, pp. 24-26

Thermographic Inspection of Recuperative Furnace Arch at Mineral Wool Production

V. A. Zaharenko, A. A. Valke, D. G. Lobov

Introduction. One of the main problems arising during recuperative furnace operation is the necessity of constant furnace arch condition testing because the burnout of a single brick in the arch dry masonry can result in collapse of the entire arch. According to the Regulations the arch is tested periodically by temperature measurement in the arch nodal points with a portable point pyrometer. The results of measurements are then manually input into the computer. The special software visualizes the temperature field of the arch surface; the visual analysis of the image allows detecting the masonry burnouts. The task of this work was to automate the process of furnace arch pyrometrical testing.
Method. The task was solved with the use of the thermographic system based on the scanning pyrometric transducers developed in the Omsk State Technical University. Transducers’ software transfers digital information from the transducers to the computer, visualizes and processes the colour image (thermogram) in real-time and provides its mathematical processing and storage. The thermographic system includes four transducers with rotating units, a control unit, a control computer and specialized software.
Results. The thermographic system has made it possible to visualize the real-time arch surface temperature field at the control computer screen as well as analyse and store the thermographic information. Thermographic information is also presented in tabular form on the screen together with the trends of maximal, minimal and average temperature for every arch zone.
Conclusion. The developed thermographic system for automated condition monitoring of recuperative furnace arch is used at OAO “AKSI” (Chelyabinsk). The system allows the personnel to prevent accidents and prolong interrepair time for the furnace.
Keywords: thermographic inspection, a scanning pyrometer, recuperative furnace, mineral wool production
1. Zakharenko V. A., Valke A. A., Lobov D. G., Nikonenko V.A. Pribory [Technical Instrumentation]. 2005, no. 10, pp. 23–26 (in Russ.).
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