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DOI: 10.12737/16311

2015. Vol.18. No. 4, pp. 49-53

About Inspection of Marine Shafts and Workpieces

V. A. Khvagin

Introduction to the article gives the overview of vessels’ nowadays condition and emphasizes the necessity of their inspection.
The article presents the operational procedure for inspection of blanks for shafts and rudder stocks as well as estimates the capabilities of shipyards to fulfill the inspection. Ways and techniques for different types defect detection are given; the necessary equipment is described; methodology peculiarities for flaw detector adjustment are indicated; recommendations for transducer selection are presented. The standard specimens used for workpiece inspection are described in detail.
For used propeller shafts the procedure of preparation a shaft for testing is given as well as the sequence of testing operations including those for shafts with pressed-on bushes. Schemes for base metal testing of shafts, key-seats, shafts with pressed-on bushes, fillet zones are also presented. The article also indicates the regulatory documents according to which the quality of workpieces of shafts and used shafts should be estimated.
It is shown by the real examples that timely fulfilled testing prevents emergency situations. The offered testing techniques ensure detection of inadmissible defects.
Keywords: ultrasonic inspection, blank for shaft, propeller shaft, rudder stock, shaft with pressed-on bush
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