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DOI: 10.12737/14951

2015. Vol.18. No. 4, pp. 9-13

Coercimetric Quality Testing of Steel Parts. Ural School of Coercimetry

A. P.Nichipuruk, A. N. Stashkov, V. N. Kostin, S. A. Murikov, E. S. Murikov

The article shows the main areas of coercimetric NDT method application. The article presents historical information about the method founders who represents the Ural scientific school of magnetism. The main limitations of the method and practical applications of one-parameter and multiparameter coercimetric techniques are shown. Problems of magnetic quality inspection of quenched and tempered steels with different carbon contents and different degrees of alloying are considered. The possibility of monitoring the quality of steel products surface hardening with the use of external converters is demonstrated. Guidelines for external electromagnet size selection in dependence on a hardened layer thickness are presented. The brief analysis of the impact of current and residual stresses on the coercive force of steel products has been fulfilled. Problems of coercimetric inspection of stresses and steel plastic deformation degree are indicated; these problems are connected with varied behaviour of the coercive force under elastic extension and at high degrees of plastic deformation in the stage of pre-destruction. The originally developed technique for coercimetric quality inspection of forming rolls is presented. Information about modern coercimeters developed at the Institute of Metal Physics is provided.
Keywords: NDT, coercive force, coercimeter, steel, heat treatment, surface hardened layers, stresses, mechanical properties, structure
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