Issue << content << Modern Technology Reveals Ancient Mysteries: “Antikythera Mechanism”

DOI: 1609-3178

2007. . No. 3(37) - Sep 2007, pp. 50-52

Modern Technology Reveals Ancient Mysteries: “Antikythera Mechanism”

A. T. Ramsey

In the National Archaeological Museum in Athens sit the remains of a remarkable machine, 1600 years ahead of its time. The Antikythera Mechanism, found on an ancient Greek shipwreck in 1901 is thought to date from the early second century BC. Last year X-Tek was asked to use its new 450kV microtomography system to do a complete 3D CT inspection of the mechanism, which revealed details that had lain hidden for over 2000 years. The inspection showed hidden text and symbols that confirmed that the Antikythera Mechanism was a complex astronomical calculator, capable of predicting the position of the Sun, the Moon and possibly the planets to a remarkable accuracy, and could not only predict the date, but also the time that solar and lunar eclipses were to occur.
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